Martin Ron: 'SOUP'

7 - 24 May 2014

Mead Carney is proud to present 'SOUP', the debut exhibition of Argentina's most prolific and celebrated street art muralist Martin Ron.


"I see society as a great big soup. The three main ingredients of the soup are man, nature and technology and they are all mixed together in a disorganized way without care or meaning." Martin Ron

Martin Ron is one of the most prolific and celebrated street artists within South America. With numerous giant murals embellishing some of the highest trafficking areas of Argentina's capital Buenos Aires, his work excites and encourages creativity from the perspective of urban fine art. Buenos Aires has developed a reputation as one of the street art capitals of the world and a stopover for international artists visiting South America.

Martin's murals are often described as 'surrealist fine art in an urban setting', fusing hyperrealism with elements of fantasy; human figures are seamlessly morphed with technology and nature. These mutant characters "reflect the incompleteness of mankind, inviting introspection about our own lives and are born from man' s pursuit of happiness, his hunger for success, his capitalist needs and desires, and his disregard for the natural world that throw up increasingly complex scenarios and problems for all of mankind".

Martin has also worked on other public art projects with the Buenos Aires City Government to paint murals inside various metro stations 'Hospitales' (2012), and the historic stations of 'Plaza de Mayo' and 'Plaza Miserere' (2013) as well as the first public art project in Latin America to make interventions on metro trains.