Mead Carney is pleased to present the solo exhibition Brigitte Niedermair – The Present, curated by Elena Re.

Through a selection of works that illustrate her most recent developments, this exhibition examines not so much the differences or changes of direction in relation to her previous work, as what she is focusing on now. In other words, it explores her current level of awareness; the freedom and clarity of her vision that appears more precisely and proficiently within her practice today.

Brigitte Niedermair is an artist who expresses herself through photography. At the same time, she is a photographer who ventures deep into the disciplinary challenges of art. This cross-fertilisation between two worlds, an osmosis that she performs with great determination, has become the characteristic feature of all her work. The poetic content of her art has always found ideal form through her great mastery of the medium of photography. But never more so has the compositional balance and iconic component of her work been executed in such a lean and essential manner. They almost dissolve before the eye of the viewer, allowing the work to appear in its most subtle and immaterial dimension. Extending far beyond the subjects they portray, the photographs we see directly communicate Niedermair’s thoughts, feelings and personal inner journey. The concepts emerge with great power and immediacy, making space for themselves within the substance of photography. The abstraction creates figures which are authentic portraits.