Kid’s Crafts: Butterfly Patterns

Crafts for kids can be sometimes challenging, in that finding projects that are simple to complete and entertaining enough to hold the attention of little ones. Butterfly craft patterns for kids are a good fit, in spurring imagination and providing a wide range of decorative techniques that children can experiment with and learn from. Many of these crafts can be displayed easily in a manner that simulates flight, and can give kids a hand in decorating their personal space within the home. Most of these butterfly crafts can be completed in less than 30 minutes, so boredom with a particular project should not become an issue for your children.

The materials necessary for these butterfly crafts are basic – scissors, glue, crayons, drinking straws, tape, etc. If your children enjoy these butterfly crafts, make sure to drop the pattern creator an email, thanking them for their generosity in sharing. – This website has tons of various butterfly craft patterns, including: Styrofoam drinking straw puppets, a hand print butterfly, a butterfly life cycle mobile, a paper plate butterfly puppet, a butterfly mobile, a butterfly card, a balancing butterfly, a butterfly calendar, a butterfly coloring book, a paper chain caterpillar, an origami butterfly, a butterfly wand, a butterfly window hanging, an egg carton caterpillar, and a Liana rain forest vine string decoration. – This is one of the very best websites for kids crafts. They have various butterfly patterns including: butterfly coloring pages, a butterfly crown, a butterfly fingerprint craft, a butterfly heart paper craft, a butterfly mask, a butterfly paper chain craft, a butterfly stuffed newspaper craft, a butterfly TP roll craft, a butterfly windsock craft, a caterpillar to butterfly craft and more. – This has links to crafts like: a butterfly necklace, a butterfly profile, a butterfly valentine, coffee filter butterflies, a flying butterfly, a paper plate butterfly, a smiling butterfly, a butterfly mobile craft, and a heart butterfly. – This website offers watercolor butterflies, tissue paper butterflies, flutterbyes, a beautiful butterfly, a golden butterfly switch plate, and valentine butterflies.;=15&langCode;=en&value;=butterfly&searchButton.x;=106&searchButton.y;=13 – This site offers a beautiful paper craft swallowtail butterfly and a string decoration butterfly that kids will enjoy greatly.