Mead Carney is pleased to present ‘TIME TROVE’, the first UK exhibition of new paintings by New York based artist Ryan Metke.

Inspired by the remarkable true story of art dealer and archaelogist Forrest Fenn who, following diagnosis of cancer, buried $3m of treasure including gold nuggets, rare coins, jewellery and gemstones in the Rocky Mountains north of Sante Fe in 2010, Ryan Metke has created a series of paintings containing clues to discovering hidden treasure troves around the globe. Deposited with the intention of being undiscovered for centuries, the treasure troves will form the basis of a conversation between the artist and the discoverer, creating a personal dialogue between them that links the present with the future.

The images within Metke’s paintings and installations are a topographical collage of human senses and symbols. Inspired by the tales of legendary explorers such as Thor Heyerdahl, William Kydd and Ernest Shackleton, Metke’s cartographic compositions also tell a story, encouraging the viewer to take part in the narrative dialogue. Deciphering the content of his work will take the viewer on a trek across the globe, culminating in the discovery of a hidden capsule or a treasure trove deposited by Metke.

Although Metke’s work is centered on the classical platforms of painting and sculpture, they often defy classical conjecture, extending into the gamut of performance and installation art. Metke’s work invites the viewer to participate in his work and acknowledge the viewer as an integral part of the creative experience.

Ryan Metke (b.1980) received his formal training in painting and sculpture from the Savannah College of Art and design. After graduating in 2003, he moved to Manhattan where he lived and produced artwork for several years in Chinatown. Ryan currently works out of his studio, housed in an old bathhouse in Brooklyn. He continues to receive inspiration through his surroundings and thrives on everyday contact with humanity and environment. Ryan has completed numerous commissions, group, and personal showings, yet carries on with his search for a treasure chest full of booty.