Mead Carney is delighted to announce the first exhibition of sculptural works by internationally acclaimed ceramic artist Tina Tsang.

In her first major solo show, Psychopomp, Tsang’s new body of work reflects her struggle for spiritual enlightenment in the contemporary culture of London as inspired by trans-meditation experiences and cross-cultural religious beliefs.

Through the combined media of video, audio and sculpture, Tsang has created a personal, eclectic universe that elucidates her heartfelt search for truth and a sense of self within a transient, media generated, consumer culture. Psychopomp consists of three bodies of new works – Ascension FiguresLady Psychopomp and Memories of Life on Earth.

Tina Tsang was born in 1981 in Singapore, and currently lives and works in London. She is the director of Undergrowth Design, which breathes life into everyday objects that become household conversation pieces. Her practice comprises an interdisciplinary approach to art and design, exemplifying her diverse training and breadth of interests. After graduating from Central Saint Martins in animation and illustration in 2005, Tsang subsequently worked and practised in film, painting, animation, photography, costume and fashion design. Tsang is renowned for her eccentric and theatrical ceramic designs and has exhibited her work worldwide.