Top Games That Can Be Played Online

There are games to suit everyone on, whether you want to socialise or compete, or learn a new skill. And many of them can be played online too.

The Among Us

Among Us is a party game where deception, deduction, and confusion are all combined to make players realize how good their friends can be at lying. The game is designed for 10 to 15 players and can be played in one of five different locations: a spaceship (or above-earth base), a planet base, an airship themed after Henry Stickmin, or a mysterious island called The Fungle. Each map contains its own sabotage and tasks, as well as tools that can be used by players to confuse or detect Impostors.

The gameplay is fast-paced and engaging. It is available on many platforms and supports crossplay. This means that players on an iPhone or PC can play the same game as those on their respective devices. There is a text-based chat function and an option to use censored chat, making the game suitable for younger children. Among Us, aside from the in-game purchases is free to download and play.


The Battlefield franchise is EA’s main competitor to Call of Duty. The games in this series have a particular focus on large maps and teamwork, with the players typically taking part in online multiplayer matches that feature soldiers, tanks, planes, and other vehicles.

Battlefield 1 was the first game to gain prominence in the franchise. It received numerous award nominations, and it was a commercial hit. It also introduced a variety of ideas that would become staples in the series, including an emphasis on squads and a unique approach to how players engage with the environment.

Battlefield 2 brought the franchise to a new third-person perspective. It also improved its predecessor’s multi-player experience and added a variety of features. The single-player campaign was based off the fictional War in Afghanistan.

The franchise has also had some less-successful releases, including the free-to-play iOS spin-off Battlefield Play4Free and the Battlefield Mobile game, which was a largely unremarkable attempt to bring the series to mobile devices. The most recent entry was an ambitious attempt that took advantage of EA’s Frostbite Engine to offer some of largest maps ever seen on a Battlefield video game.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds was the first game to feature bird-flinging. Originally created for Apple’s iPhone in 2009, the game quickly swept the world (and peoples’ spare time). The game has since been updated numerous times to include new features and characters. It’s a great way to pass time, and it can be challenging.

The gameplay is easy: players launch a limited number birds at the pigs, who have stolen their eggs. The birds can damage the pigs’ structures or cause them to collapse. Some of the birds have special powers that can help them attack the pigs more efficiently. There are also several levels to play, and you can compete on leaderboards.

Angry Birds makes a great game for playing with friends. Facebook allows you to easily connect with your friends, share gifts and compete in the leaderboards. This type of game has excellent graphics and sound. It’s also good for promoting physical activity, which can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Whether you’re a decorated Angry Birds veteran or just starting out, there’s something for everyone in this game.

Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy that allows players build and customize villages. They can also train and upgrade their troops, use spells and take part in epic Clan Wars. The game boasts a large fan base around the world and a high satisfaction rating from review aggregator websites. It is also among the most profitable mobile game of all time.

The game’s key features include a variety buildings that can be built and upgraded to improve your defenses, generate gold for upgrading other structures and train dark elixir troopers, unlocking new heroes, and unlocking town hall levels. One can also use spells and pets to assist in attacking other villages. As part of a group, the game can be played by friends or strangers. There are many ways to earn in game rewards, such as unique hero and scenery skins.

The game is free to play, though some items can be purchased with real money. It has received numerous updates since its initial release in 2012, which have enhanced gameplay and added new features. These include the Builder Base, Clan Wars Leagues, and a new district featuring indestructible barriers. The game has more than a billion downloads, and is the number one free-to play title on the App Store and Google Play Store.


Minecraft is one of the most popular indie games ever. It was developed by Markus “Notch”, an independent Swedish designer, and acquired by Microsoft for $2.55 billion. Open world game that allows for endless possibilities to create anything you can imagine. Players use blocks to build houses, castles, cities and contraptions – but the most fun lies in exploring and challenging oneself.

Minecraft doesn’t have a central narrative, but it does encourage emergent gameplay and social play in online environments such as multiplayer servers. In these servers, players can roleplay historical periods and culture, and even reenact plots of real-life literature and film.

There are a variety of different modes available in Minecraft, catering to the needs of any type of player. Some gamers love the endless possibilities of the game, and can build anything they want with no restrictions. Others like to test themselves against zombies or aliens in its survival mode. Split-screen play allows players to interact with their friends while exploring the game’s various worlds. Minecraft has also inspired spinoffs that take the core gameplay to new and unexpected places. Space Engineers, for example, builds on the voxel mining and construction of Minecraft to take players into space in their homemade rockets.

World Of Warcraft

World of Warcraft, or WoW, is a massively multi-player online role-playing games that has existed since 2004. It’s a game that requires players login regularly in order to play and level up. WoW features a large, persistent world where players can take quests, fight monsters and other players, and socialize with fellow gamers.

The game originally had two continents to explore. It has since been enhanced by a variety of expansion packs. Blizzard added new features, such as character classes, and the ability to customize and build homes.

The game’s stellar art direction brings the world to life, with a variety of different fantasy races and cultures inhabiting the universe. This includes everything from intelligent, bipedal cows to martial artist pandas. This makes it feel like more than a series or dungeons and missions.